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[ About Us ]

Gazab Times is a source of the latest news from India and all around the world for you free of cost in exchange for cookies and some basic data of yours which GT will use to improve user experience in terms of readability.

(GT) Gazab Times is an online news portal/website, that provides you authentic and reliable updates about the events happening around you and the world.

The basic fundamental purpose of Gazab Times is to just spread awareness about any event that happens in the favour of human beings.

We (the team of GT), work day & night to research, produce and spread information via our website, in a manner to just keep everyone aware as soon as something important is happened around the world.

gazabtimes.com news website is a multiniche website, as a result, we publish content in various categories including entertainment, business, finance, education, sports etc.,

The main Categories on Which Gazab Times Publish content are;

  1. Entertainment
  2. Cricket
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Astrology
  5. Technology
  6. Business
  7. Sports
  8. Finance

other than these above categories, you may see a different category news on our website GT. We try to publish the content after doing a special kind of research on any given topic.

In any case, if you find something, illogical & irrelevant to your needs, make sure to read at your own risk.

If you have any queries, suggestions, doubts or any kind of business inquiries related to our news portal gazabtimes.com, make sure to connect with us via our official Instagram account. else, by the Contact Us page.

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