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SAR Value of Smartphone
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26th January 2024: I’m 100% sure that you know that anybody in this world cannot be sustained for the full of the future without a smartphone.

Without a smartphone, we feel that our life is just like hell.

But Unfortunately, we are not aware of this that a Smartphone can harm us a lot. In today’s world either, we have to work with the internet or we have to communicate with someone Smartphones are a necessity to do all the daily tasks.

Let me just clarify some technicalities, which you need to understand concerning a smartphone.

When a smartphone works either to communicate over a call with someone or to just work with the use of the internet. Radiations pass on from the smartphone to communicate with the frequencies for better networks.

The networks which we need in a smartphone to use the internet and calling systems.

These radiations which communicate from this Smartphone to the Signal Tower harm our health a lot, that we don’t even know.

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But now after reading this particular blog post of Gazab Times, you will know whether your mobile phone is making you sick or not.

The radiation passed on from a smartphone to the tower system is technically known as radiations or radio frequences (RF). These radiations or radio frequencies can harm our health and make us sick.

To keep ourselves safe from this particular problem we have to get to know about the SAR value (specific absorption rate).

Sar value is the ratio of radio frequency energy that enters into the tissues per kg. Tissues are the group of cells that help our body to structure.

How to know the SAR value with a code?

The SAR value of your mobile phone is very easy to know. You can get the SAR (specific absorption rate) value of your mobile phone with the help of just dialling a code from your mobile smartphone.

Steps to know the SAR value

✔ First of all, open your smartphone.

✔ open your smartphone dialer.

✔ dial *#07# from your smartphone dialer.

✔ finally you are mobile phone sar value will pop up on your mobile phone screen.

Level of SAR value

Now the question is, what should be the safest value that should have of a smartphone? So that, our health is quietly safe.

In India, there is a value that is considered concerning the frequencies and bands that the Telecom industry uses to communicate from this Smartphone to the tower system to provide the best service to their customers.

In India, the value of SAR should be less than 1.6 (W/Kg).

SAR Value of Smartphone
SAR Value of a Smartphone

In most of the branded smartphones specifically in India, the value of SAR is less than the concerned limit of 1.6 (W/Kg).

If the value of your particular smartphone is more than the concerned limit of SAR from the Telecom Industry and Regulatory of India (TRAI). then, you should leave the smartphone to keep your health safe and secure.

SAR value of branded smartphones

In most cases, you don’t need to check the SAR value specifically, if you are purchasing a branded company smartphone.

Every smartphone company have to follow these strict guidelines to keep the SAR value within the limit of the Telecom industry and regulations of India (TRAI).

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a new smartphone

Whenever you are purchasing a smartphone just open the dialler of a particular Smartphone and dial the required code *#07# and you will get the SAR value of that smartphone as a pop-up in front of you.

Sar value is less than 1.6 (W/Kg).

How you can keep yourself safe from the radiations of a smartphone

By doing this & following these guidelines, your mobile phone will be at a particular distance from you and you will be more than safe.

  • Try to put your mobile phone on charging after shuts down.
  • Never use your mobile phone while charging.
  • Try to use earphones while communicating over a call with someone using your smartphone.

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(FAQs) Frequently asked questions regarding the SAR value

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