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Delhi Metro Time Update: All Lines Will Start At 4 AM Morning | The Real Reason Behind is Very Important

Delhi Metro Time Update
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Delhi Metro Time Update: DMRC (Delhi Metro Railway Corporation) has announced that all lines of Delhi Metro on 26th January, Friday will start at 4 am morning. So that, people who want to be a part of the Republic Day parade at ‘Kartvya’ can feel more comfortable.

Delhi Metro Time Update

DMRC has introduced a very convenient way to be a part of Republic Day for someone who wants to be part of it on 26th January, Friday.

Delhi Metro decided that all metro trains on 26th Jan 2024, will be in moving at a difference of less than 30 minutes.

People can travel through the metro only on 26th Jan till “Kendriya Sachivalaya & Udyog Bhawan Metro Station” to make their route more comfortable.

Those who have a special invitation to attend the Parade at “Kartavya Path” can travel through the Delhi Metro for Free.

They just need to show their invitation card the the counter of the DMRC platform.

How To Travel For Free in Delhi Metro

📌 First of all, you need an invitation card to access this facility.

📌 You’ve to show the invitation card to the DMRC Metro counter.

📌 You’ll get a coupon at the counter to avail of this facility.

📌 Just showcase the coupon at the entrance and the last station while leaving the platform.

📌 You can only travel through this and via Delhi Metro till “Kendriya Sachivalaya & Udyog Bhawan Metro Station“.

📌 Like previous times, Anybody can’t enter/exit to the nearest station which is Janpath Metro Station of Delhi Metro.

📌 At the nearest metro station of the parade ground, anybody can’t enter/exit to travel.

📌 At “Kendriya Sachivalaya & Udyog Bhawan Metro Station” there would be permission to board/de-board people who have been invited to the parade ground from 4 AM to 2 PM.

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Facility For Parade Ground People

Metro officials announced that people who have invitation cards to be a part of the parade and have written enclosures 1-9 and V1-V2 on their cards. they have to leave the train at Udyog Bhawan.

and, people who’ve written enclosures 10-24 and VN, they’ve to leave the train at Kendriya Sachivalaya.

Heavy Vehicles Can’t Enter

Due to the reliability of the people and the officials, Delhi state heavy vehicles entrance is on hold.

Due to this, there is already a high number of vehicles in queues at the borders of Delhi.

Gota Patti in 150 Years Old Saree

In the “Anant Sutra – The endless thread” at Kartvya Path there would be a chance for you to learn about the 1900 Ancient Sarre’s.

Women Artists Will inaugurate the Parade

This time the Republic Day parade is very different and innovative.

For the very first time, on the Republic Day Parade. Women will inaugurate the whole ceremony with traditional music, conch shells and drums.

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FAQs For Republic Day India

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