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FC Barcelona Coach Xavi is About to Resign After Athletic Club Copa Del Rey Quarterfinal Loss

Xavi Hernandez Retirement
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FC Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez recently discussed potentially resigning to leave his post and position after the Catalans lost 4-2 to Athletic Club Copa Del Rey Quarterfinal Loss this Wednesday.

Xavi Hernandez

FC Barcelona almost got off to a nightmare start in San Mames. The interesting point is they fell 1-0 down via a Gorka Guruzeta strike in almost less than a minute.

Xavi spoke about this in a press conference just a week ago.

Xavi Hernandez said he would leave/resign if the final hope to get the big trophies isn’t met.

After probing on the matter following the full-time whistle once more time. he retired his previous stance with a fresh twist altogether.

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FC Barcelona’s coach has already committed his statement in a press conference organized almost a7 days ago, that he will leave his position if the expected results he wants are not met.

“I say it again now: if we are not at a competitive level at the end of the season, I will leave,” the legendary manager said.

The club legend vowed his statement after the entire conference.

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To make a notice, his team is currently full of youngsters and recent La Masia academy graduates like Lamine, Hector Fort, and Pau Cubarsi

All of whom he named by name and singled out for having a “great game”—Xavi still believes his team is competitive for the time being.

“On the one hand, I am sad about the final result we got but Also… I am proud of the performance of the young team players.”

“We all have done a fantastic fabulous job competing against a great/strong team and its players who play well at home.

“We have competed very well against a great team that is very strong at home. I already said that the [quarterfinal] draw wasn’t good,” Xavi also said.

Xavi Hernandez also added, “I have mentioned earlier that the [quarterfinal] draw wasn’t outstanding.

“They are intense, and playing against them is challenging for sure.” He insisted, “We have to rebuild ourselves and compete in La Liga and the Champions.”

FC Barcelona’s team will play their first home game of 2024 on Saturday against Villarreal at the Montjuic Stadium.

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FAQs of FC Barcelona Head Coach Xavi Hernandez

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