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PM Modi Launches ₹1600 Crore Boeing Tech Center in Bengaluru | 43 Acre Land is Invested

Boeing Centre Bengaluru
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Boeing Sukanya Programme: Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi recently launched being tech centre in Bengaluru which costs approximately ₹1600 crore.

However, PM Modi started the Sukanya programme which helps nations’ daughters to succeed in the aviation industry in the future.

What is Boeing Tech Center

Narendra Modi our honourable prime minister inaugurates the Boeing center this Friday in Bengaluru.

This centre is told as reported the second biggest outside America.

India and the company itself have designed the centre to face the upcoming changes in the future regarding the aviation sector.

Engineers and the technology centre invited a lot with ₹1,600 crore investment to make this centre India’s best at all in the aviation segment outside America. This is the second biggest outside America.

43 Acres of land is utilized to make this happen. According to the sources, this will be going to help the nation from a wide perspective.

The R&D (Research and development) along with the innovation and design are the focused initiatives that will be taken through this one.

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Boeing Sukanya Programme

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi also launches the Boeing Sukanaya Programme while inaugurating the Boeing centre in Bengaluru this Friday.

This programme is an initiative to help the daughters of the nation to succeed their self in the aviation sector in the future.

PM Modi says this Boeing Centre is part of the “Make in India & Make For World” Strategy.

With the help of this centre, people all around the world will believe more in the talent of India from now on. PM Modi Says, while inauguration.

Female Pilots Are More In India

According to the facts & data, PM Share, Female Pilots are 15% more in India. This is almost three times the world average.

Boeing Sukanya Programme helps daughters to become pilots and to live their lives as they want.

This centre will give a very impressive and amazing plane one day from India to the world. PM Says, while the inauguration of the centre.

Bengaluru is a Tech Hub

The ₹1,600 Crore invested Boeing centre with more than 43 Acres of land is designed and launched in Bengaluru this Friday.

Narendra Modi told people about Bengaluru as the city that always helps the nation to invent something or to practice something in the technology world.

The Campus helps the people of tech, the daughters of the nation and the aviation industry for India and the world for the future.

₹1,600 Crore & 43 Acres Land Invested For Boeing Centre

The campus of Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre (BIETC) is spread over almost 43 Acres of Land in Bengaluru.

The company has invested more than ₹1,600 Crore to design this centre.

(BIETC) Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre can work with 3000+ engineers at the same time.

For more, you can check here for Ram Mandir Inauguration.

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Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre For Indian Force

This centre will also work with the Indian Force to make everything better in the aviation industry.

This is one of the most precious moments to make “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” in the defence department of India.

BIETC will also participate in making the Startups of India scheme better.

Boeing Sukanya Programme Launched

Along with the (BIETC) Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre, PM Modi also launched the Boeing Sukanya Programme for the daughters of the Nation to succeed in the aviation industry.

PM Modi told to people that the programme will help Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for better growth of knowledge and better perspectives.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah also told us to have a lot of respect for everyone who works to make everything happen.

Being India Engineering and Technology Centre will be a great initiative for our nation and the people of India Forces.

One day the BIETC will provide/design comes contribute a valuable aircraft for India and the people of India and the world.

Which will make us proud to take on this huge investment project of almost 1600+ crore.

43 Acres of this land will be a great land for the aviation industry.

However, the daughters of India will become the supreme leaders in the aviation industry one day for sure.

Made in India, Made for the World.

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FAQs of Boeing Tech Centre

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