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Passenger Slapped indiGo Airlines Pilot: FIR Written & Arrested [Video]

Man Who Slapped Pilot of the Indigo
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A major incident happened this Sunday on an IndiGo flight when a passenger slapped aggressively to a co-pilot of an indiGo flight.

As per the information, the flight is going to depart from Delhi to Goa and the passenger who aggressively attacked is also on the same flight to goa with his wife to celebrate his honeymoon.

Flight number 6E 2175 departing from Delhi to Goa was heavily delayed above 10+ hours due to fog which resulted in almost 0% visibility.

The impact was huge, as a result, 600 flights were delayed, and 76 were cancelled in India.

Pilots are flying almost blind.

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The passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria from South Delhi is a 35-year-old entrepreneur, who runs a stationery shop in South Delhi in Amar Colony.

The Man who attacked the pilot wearing a yellow hoody, aggressively comes to the crew members of the flight and says “ya to chala, ya gate khol de” means, either fly the plane or open the door of the aircraft. and attacked directly.

The incident is unfortunately captured by someone who is also in the same aircraft and then spread all across social media.

FIR on Sahil Kataria
Sahil Kataria: Man Who attacked the co-pilot.

After the whole incident, Sahil was taken out from the flight by the security personnel, and an FIR was registered against Sahil.

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As per Aircraft Rules and Act led by DGCA,” the FIR, lodged at IGI Airport police station on January 15, stated. Sahil Kataria had been booked under IPC sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint).

Who is Sahil Kataria?

  • Sahil Kataria, a 35-years-old runs a stationery and toy shop in South Delhi’s Amar Colony,
  • After the video surfaced of the incident, Kataria was arrested and later released on bail by the Delhi Police after a notice was served to him under Section 41 of CrPC.
  • So far, he has not been placed on any no-fly list.
  • In the short video clip of the incident inside the flight, other crew members can be seen shouting at Kataria, in a yellow jacket, after he hit the pilot.
  • “Chalana hai to chala, nahi to mat chala, khol de (If you want to fly the plane, do so; otherwise, open the aircraft door),” Kataria is purportedly heard saying in the video clip.
  • After the whole incident, Sahil was told to apologise to the staff of the IndiGo flight by the security of the Airport.
  • People also trolled him after he said sorry, and made a gentle apology.

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  • People troll a lot at him after all he says sorry to the whole staff. Along with that strict action has been taken through IndiGo Airlines.

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